My parents must hold the record for longest game of hide-n-seek—I think it's still going on. Basically it goes like this: my dad searches for a household object that he accuses my mom of hiding, taking, or moving somewhere irrational. My mom then seeks out the object, inevitably finds it, then exhorts him to hone his own seeking skills. Below is a sample dialog, this time related to some missing mustard:
[Looking in the fridge]
Dad: “Where’s the mustard?”

[From the living room]
Mom: “I don’t know, just move stuff around!”

[Staring in the fridge]
Dad, exasperated: “I don’t see it!”

[Comes into kitchen]
Mom: “Move. It’s right here!”

[He takes mustard]
Dad: “Well, why was it behind the milk?”

[Returns to living room, shaking head]
Mom, under breath: “You just had to move stuff around ...”

And here is another common game that was played before work at least 3 times per week:

[From upstairs, shouting]
Dad: “Where's my comb?!”

[No answer]

Dad: “Who took my comb?!”

[No answer]

[Dad, coming to foot of the stairs to be heard]
Dad: “Hey! Who moved my comb?!”

[Mom finally answering, in exasperation]
Mom: “No one took your comb! Did you check in your shirt pocket?”

Dad: “I put it right on the dresser, and someone took it!”

[Mom, coming up the stairs to help find the comb.]
Mom: “It's right here!”

Dad: “Who put it there? Were you cleaning up again?”

[Mom, shaking head, goes back downstairs.]

My brother most vividly remembers the game being played with flashlights and Philips-head screwdrivers. But I guess he had enough of the game growing up, so now, in his own house, he makes sure to stock a drawer in every room with flashlights, Philips-head screwdrivers, combs, and mustard.

I just decided not to have them in the house at all.