Hotels vs. Motels

I like hotels better than motels because hotels are higher than motels, which are not very high. Hotels are also better because they are usually nicer than motels, both on the inside and the outside, even though people always say that what's on the inside matters more than what's on the outside. In the case of hotels, however, they are equally nicer on the outside and on the inside when compared to motels. Motels also do not have elevators. That right there is enough to make them inferior to hotels, which do have elevators (or lifts or at least escalators) because of how high they are people would get mad if they had to walk up all those stairs to get to their room when they are tired after a day's work. Maybe I would like motels more if they were actually surrounded by a moat. I will say that I have found both motels and hotels to have swimming pools, but then that's not really a moat. This one time I found a big bug in the shallow end, and that's kind of like a crocodile, so maybe it was really a moat. I can ask.